IT resumes, Technical resumes

With IT resumes, it is important to highlight one’s niche IT skills – be they in the area of Desktop or Network or Systems for example, as well as one’s project management skills, pre-sales engineering, team management and technical skills.

Added-Value Deliverables

Oftentimes, IT resumes are hard to read as they are geared primarily for a technical audience and may contain a long list of bullets detailing technical tasks.  You want to target both a technical and non-technical audience, and to talk about the IT solutions deployed in terms of value added for the end-user.  One way to do this is to simply visualize the end-user for a moment and describe what the solution now allows them to do that they could not do before, such as set up remote access system for team of 100 field sales.

Project Management

It helps to talk about the projects one has worked on, including the project goal, the resources deployed (duration/budget/team/end-users) and the end deliverables, with a focus on the value added for the end-user and service ‘above & beyond’.

Pre-Sales Engineering

It is advisable to show how you are involved in the solution selling phase.  IT Specialists – whether they are functional or technical, typically are involved in some client-facing scenarios, where their input directly or indirectly moves the sales process forward, and contributes to revenue generation.

Team Management/Training

You want to detail any experience you have leading or managing a team of IT technicians or project managers, and in training end-users.

Technical Skills

You want to not only provide a comprehensive list of your IT skills but also to ensure that they are categorized appropriately and quantified by the number of years of experience, eg. SQL (5 years).

  • IT Consultant
  • IT Director / CIO
  • Database Administrator
  • Desktop Support (HW)
  • Network Administrator (Server)
  • Programmer
  • SAP Consultant
  • Storage & Backup Specialist
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technician – Level I, II or III
  • Web Designer