LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

Facts About LinkedIn

  • The no. 1 professional networking site world-wide
  • In existence now close to 10 years (2003-launched; 2011-went public).
  • 120+ million members in 200+ countries in 9 languages
  • A new member joins every second
  • Over 5 billion views per month

According to a survey on the use of social media which was conducted in 2011

80% of companies said they used LinkedIn to find talent in 2010 (vs. Facebook-50%; Twitter-45%). This figure was predicted to increase to 89% in 2011.


This survey is one of, in all likelihood, 100’s of surveys on the importance of social media. Whatever the actual statistics are today, one thing which is clear is that LinkedIn is hugely important.

HR/Hiring Mangers/Executive Head-hunters will either search for a candidate on LinkedIn by name or by skill set.  In either case, you want to be easily find-able.

From a very simplistic perspective, here’s what HR/Hiring Managers/Executive Head-hunters are looking for when they look at a candidate’s LinkedIn profile:  Does the candidate have the skill set and expertise we are looking for?  Does the candidate have a professional photo?  Does the candidate have a LinkedIn profile which ‘matches’ his resume and cover letter?

You want to have a LinkedIn profile which:

  • Defines your unique market offering/niche skill set/deliverables
  • Has a strong summary which markets itself
  • Gives HR an idea as to how you would ‘suit up’ for a client-facing situation
  • Outlines your key achievements
  • Highlights your core strengths
  • Shows that you are a networker with a rolodex of industry contacts
  • Shows the professional groups you are affiliated with
  • Is consistent with your offline profile
  • Is SEO/key-word rich so that you appear in the top 100 matches
  • Is easily findable by both searching your name or searching a skill set

Professional Resumes can help you to develop a professional LinkedIn profile.